watch aag tv live online free from pakistan

Aag Tv is an entertainment channel by Geo entertainment group. This channel is famous for punjabi dubbings and other funny stuff.

(Please leave a comment if the channel is not working.)


Anonymous said...

AoA Aqeel bhai,

Can you please post streaming for Apna Channel Punjabi if you have anyone

Zaheer Ahmed

Aqeel Afzal Chaudhry said...

i will try

Aqeel Afzal Chaudhry said...

Dear Zaheer,
I am glad to bring apna channel on your request. You can view it in news channel list below aaj tv.

Hina said...

geo entertaiment channel is not working.

Aqeel Afzal Chaudhry said...

Sorry for being a bilt late. I have fixed the problem with geo entertainment and its working now.

Anonymous said...

geo entertaiment channel is not working

Anonymous said...

its not working

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