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Express News is a famous Pakistani news channel presenting some of the famous shows like Kal Tak, Siyasi Log, Column Kaar, Nazar, Shaoor, Bhaid, Express Lifestyle, Badalta Pakistan, Game On Hai, Woh Kya Hai and many more....

(If it does not play, try clicking many times, it will start playing)

(Please leave a comment if the link is not working)


Jawwad said...

this link is not working

Aqeel Afzal Chaudhry said...

If the rest three are working for you, then try clicking the play button rapidly (with some speedy mouse clicks). Express tv always works in this way. Try it. And thanks for the feedback.

Sabeeh said...

This link is not working

Anonymous said...

Not working

Aqeel Afzal Chaudhry said...

This is the only working link on internet. But, the key for this channel is keep clicking the play button fastly for some time. If its not working here, then its not working any where i promise

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